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Warranty period

The warranty period for various design and production work is one week after delivery.

During the warranty period, we will handle minor correction work free of charge.
However, correction work that occurs due to customer's convenience is not covered by the warranty, so a separate fee is required.

The definition of minor correction work is as follows.

■ Corrected characters in 5 or less places after the design proposal was finalized

■ When our mistakes in design and coding work are discovered

■ In addition, when it is judged as "minor" by our judgment by consultation

For those who use CMS such as wordpress when receiving an order for site construction, we will build it with the version at the stage of ordering.

If you wish to upgrade the version during or after construction, it will be in the category of maintenance / maintenance contract and a separate fee will be charged.

In addition, if there is a desire to confirm in the customer's environment when performing the final check on the test server, a separate work fee under the name of "server moving work" will be derived.

While working in Chayama production, the design and construction process is written by Chayama production. Please let us know if other companies check, manage, or give instructions during the work.

Work wages additionally derived by checking and management performed by a third party other than the customer will be billed separately from the initial estimated billing amount.

As a basic policy of Chayama production, we will refuse production involving a third party other than the transaction between the customer and the Chayama production trader. If the intervention of a third party is discovered during the work, the wages for the additional man-hours derived from it will be billed separately from the estimated billing amount.

Chayama Production strives to create content that aims to improve the branding of the ordering company, but we do not guarantee an increase in sales, access, or browsing.

In addition, we will not compensate for the following troubles.

  1. Damage or trouble caused by failure of communication line, computer, rental server, etc.

  2. Damages and troubles caused by viruses, unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, etc.

  3. Damages and troubles that occur between the customer and the website delivered to the customer and a third party

  4. Social and moral damages and troubles related to the items on the website

  5. Damages and troubles that occur during the preparation, confirmation, and delivery of materials listed on the website at the convenience of the customer

  6. Problems such as work delays and data loss due to natural disasters, accidents, breakdowns, etc.

Regarding the SEO measures taken by Chayama production, we aim to be ranked high in the search, and we do not guarantee it. We are not responsible for the number of inquiries to the site, the number of accesses, the number of sales of products, reputation, etc.

Data delivery in the design work done by Chayama production will be done with the agreed data. However, this does not transfer the copyright.

In production, the rights to the images prepared in Chayama production belong to Chayama production.

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