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Bulletin board for subsidies / subsidies and coronavirus countermeasures

We will also assist you in producing application documents.

4/28 We have newly established a "special quota" that raises the subsidy rate or subsidy upper limit of each subsidy project for businesses that make positive investments to overcome the impact of the new coronavirus infection on the business environment.

4/22 Business format conversion support (emergency measures for new coronavirus infection) business

4/22 Reiwa 2nd year New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Emergency Countermeasures Capital Investment Support Project (New Business)
-We will subsidize part of the purchase cost of the latest machinery and equipment necessary for manufacturing infectious disease control related products! ~

4/15 Reiwa 1st year supplementary budget "Small Business Sustainability Subsidy" Public Offering Guidelines "3rd Edition" has been announced.

4/2 New Coronavirus-related system loan menu comparison list @ Yokohama

4/2 We have started public offering of supplementary budget "Manufacturing subsidy" and "Small business sustainability subsidy" for the first year of Reiwa.

4/1 Subsidize part of the cost of exhibiting at exhibitions aimed at developing sales channels to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo whose sales have declined recently due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

4/1 The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduces restaurants that are working on measures against the new coronavirus infection and that support "delivery" and "takeout".

3/30 IT introduction subsidy 2020 1st open call for participants (temporary response) has started as an economic measure that takes into account the effects of the recent coronavirus.

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